What can Agency360 do that other solutions on the market cannot?

Agency360 collects the best online analysis tools in a unique sales and marketing platform. You access all these tools from one login. You do not have to login to multiple systems and navigate several user interfaces in order to make reports for your clients.

Agency360 is designed for any active marketing, advertising, and web or media processing bureau. 

The Agency360 report module allows you quickly to tailor a 360° report to end-customers, complete with your company name, logo and colour scheme.

We offer a free 14-day, no-obligation trial period.

You will not be asked to register payment details and you will be guided through a brief set-up process. We upload data live so you are online as soon as you have clicked 14-day free trial. You get off to a flying start and can immediately read off your clients’ results.

Yes. Our four subscriptions allow you to view at least five and up to an infinite number of landing pages, and to see the data and use all our features on each specific site.

You can click from the view of one landing page to the next. There is no need to login again.

What are the costs for Agency360?

We have four different packages: Freelancer, Agency, Agency Medium and Agency Premium so you can choose the subscription that best meets your agency’s requirements. 


You can change your subscription to a different plan at any time – it is easily done with just a few clicks. Upgrades are effective immediately, and if you choose a smaller plan, the change will take effect at the beginning of the next payment period.

There is no commitment period at Evolution360. You can choose a monthly agreement, or get a 25% discount with a yearly agreement. Both agreements can be terminated up to one day prior to the automatic renewal date.

Which KPIs are displayed in the Advertising menu?

In principle, we show the same campaign data that you can see if your log into campaign statistics on the individual channel. We have set up the data in very clear, easy-to-understand graphics. You can customise the display fast and easy, to show the metrics you wish to see. You can import campaign data from your clients’ favourite channels and create uniform reports regardless of platform. 

What is Web leads B2B?

Web leads shows you a list of all companies with their own IP networks that have visited your

clients´ website. Once a visit by a company has been verified, you will be able to see its visitor history and the details for each visit in Webleads. We show which sub-pages the company visited, the date and duration of the visit, and which channel generated the visit.

This provides your sales organization with unique insights as a solid foundation for their contact to the Company.

If a company does not have an IP address network of its own, its activities cannot be tracked. The internet provider’s domain is all that is visible.

If we cannot show which company is behind a visit, the visit is filtered out. This ensures that we show you only “hot leads” that your clients should contact.

Webleads is a B2B tool, and cannot be used to identify private individuals.

The platform includes a filter function. You select which companies you wish to show to your clients based on a large number of parameters. You can also filter your clients’ web leads view by actively tracking particularly interesting companies and hiding the companies you do not think relevant for your clients.

What are the benefits of Agency360’s reporting system?

The Agency360 report tool allows you quickly to tailor a 360° report to end-customers, complete with your name, logo and colour scheme.

It is as easy as ABC. Create clients, connect to the various marketing channels, tailor the reports and give the clients access to the white-label version of the system.

What is Webanalytics?

Web analytics is a tool that gives insight into your clients’ websites via an intuitive, easy-to-understand interpretation of Google Analytics data.

You can see the number of users and visits, which channels generated these users’ visits to the website, which subpages they visited and which keywords in a search engine led to a visit.

When you log on, you select a specific period. The front page shows you overall statistics and the most important KPIs. You then click into the channels individually and can read data specific to each.

Graphs and diagrams make it easy to track developments over time and help you to communicate your clients’ data to them – Everything is easy to read and understand.

Direct: When a user types your URL directly into the browser or clicks on a bookmarked page on your website.

If the user comes directly to your site, it is reasonable to assume that he/she has some knowledge of your company.

Google Ads: Visits generated by clicks on Google Ads advertisements. The top and bottom positions on Google are reserved for Google Ads, which is an efficient way in which to ensure that you are seen in customers’ searches for products or services. Advertisements of this type are marked with a small green label (next to search result).

Organic: “Ordinary” Google search results that are not Google Ads. To get a good position for your site in organic results, you must optimise your website for search engines (Search Engine Optimization, SEO).


Referral pages: A referral page is a third-party website, e.g. dealer, partner, blog, that has referred traffic to your website via a link.

You may also receive visits from undesirable referral pages, e.g. your own website or spam pages. These add nothing of value when you analyse your traffic and can be filtered out in Google Analytics.

Social media: When the user comes to your website via social media, e.g. from your company’s LinkedIn page or via a private post on Facebook that includes a link to your website.

Others: More or less unidentified traffic sources are grouped under “Others”. These could include Google My Business or Trustpilot.

To show you referrals via the website, a tracking snippet, Agency360 script, must be set up on the site.

You can see referrals via contact links on the website and therefore see whether visits convert into e-mails, calls or contact forms.

The platform shows which channel the referrals come from and you can see, e.g. if your Google Ads search words convert or if a visit from a given referral page generated a response.


If you have contact links to several of your employees, you can see who received the response.


Ja, de fire abonnementene våre muliggjør visninger fra ti til et ubegrenset antall landnettsteder, slik at du kan se og bruke alle funksjonene våre spesifikt for hvert landnettsted.

Du kan klikke fra visning av det ene landnettstedet til det andre uten å måtte logge inn på nytt.

What can I read in the Social Media menu?

The Social Media menu gives your clients´ insight into how visitors interact in and with the company’s pages and social media posts. You can track developments in the number of likes, comments, post reach, shares and see the demographic profile of your clients’ followers.

To approve integration with Agency360, you must have administrator rights to your clients’ social media pages. If you do not manage these pages for your clients, you can either be added by an administrator or create an Agency360 profile for the administrator (you can choose to restrict access to the social media section). The pages can then be integrated.

You will be guided through the integration process. Granting Agency360 access to your page requires only a couple of verifications. To grant access, you must be logged on to the social medium on the same device as that on which you conduct the integration process.

There is no need to worry. We cannot and will never access a private profile. The administrator’s profile is used solely for approving the integration.

We do not create posts on your clients’ pages and their followers will not be able to see that the page is integrated with Agency360. We process data only in order to display them in the Social Media menu in Agency360.

If you have connected the wrong page or created a new page that you wish to integrate, click on the integration button at the lower right corner of the Social Media dashboard in Agency 360. Then integrate a new page.

What is shown in the Agency360 SEO Rank menu?

SEO Rank is a shortcut to Google and Bing rankings for the keywords, with which your clients wish to be found.

Every other day, we search all your clients’ keywords. You then receive a clear and easy-to-read overview of these words’ rankings, i.e. how visible your client is when users search for your clients’ services. You can also add your clients’ competitors and see their rankings.

When you know the competitors’ rankings, you have a reliable basis on which to assess the need for Search Engine Optimization and ensure that the search engine always finds your client when a user searches for that client’s products.

You can track ranking over time to learn precisely whether SEO achieves the desired results.

What does your site audit contain?

Our site audit includes a full review of your client’s website. Armed with the audit, you can boost your client’s SEO rankings using an extensive guide to technical and content-related improvements.

Agency360 site analysis provides valuable insight into website performance on more than 50 parameters. For example, we measure website speed, mobile usability, duplicate content, headline tags, internal link building, page ranking and much more besides.

What do you include under backlinks?

Backlinks provides a full overview of all inbound links to your clients’ websites and an indication of the quality of the individual link. You can also see a list of missing and new links, and by which domains they were generated.

How do you comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation?

We take the new personal data protection regulation very seriously. All personal data is safely stored, and we take all the necessary precautions to protect against accidental or illegal destruction of the data, lost or damaged data, unauthorized disclosure or misuse of the data, or any treatment of the data that is in contravention of legislation on the processing of personal data.

We collect your form data, if you use our form tracking feature, which enables the collection of all forms submitted via your clients´website. Typically, this would include the user’s name, address, phone number and message. Use of this feature is voluntary as it operates independently of the other functions in Agency360.

You can always delete each individual form under “Contacts”.